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Thursday, October 28, 2010


The Fall issue of Knitter's Magazine has arrived!  It is a HUGE issue, in celebration of their 25th year and 100th issue.  There are 43 projects and some truly killer knitted garments in this magazine.  I am pleased to say that I have the yarn ON HAND for three of them, can get the yarn for another 12, and the remaining 28 call for yarns I have excellent substitutes for, with only one exception (I don't have any chenille yarn).

Also new this week - several more colors of Mochi Plus, including tone-on-tone striping versions.  The brandied apricot colorway is to die for.  I also got in four more colorways of Panda Silk DK.  This yarn is a joy to knit with, and makes a wonderfully drapey fabric.  Great for virtually anything you want to knit.

Books should be arriving this week, including "Vampire Knits".  I'm not sure what's in it, but with a title like that, how could I resist?  And the winter class schedule will be posted in the December newsletter.  Look for some cool new classes, like color theory for knitters, Knitting Boot Camp, Making Garments Fit, Felted Bunny Rabbits, Summer Hats, and more, as well as repeats of the more popular fall classes, such as entrelac, top-down sweaters, intro to knitting, and magic loop.  I will continue to get in more gifts for knitters, too.

Knit happy!


  1. I just rest the November newsletter and have a question. If you had a skein of vicuna or quivit, would you risk damaging it even a little by swatching? I assume everyone would rip out the swatch after measurements so the every little bit could be used, but it might get damaged in the process. Or would you knit something that size didn't matter a whole lot?

  2. The risk of ripping out a swatch is less than the risk of starting to knit and discovering you are off gauge so much that you need to rip out a larger piece of knitting. Rather than actually "ripping" out the swatch, I would tink it out.