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Thursday, July 14, 2011

New at the shop

The wine glasses have arrived!  Purple stems, purple lettering, and these are some rugged glasses - no padding in the shipping carton and every one was intact.  I would recommend hand-washing them solely due to the lettering, though. 

I also have gotten in 3 more scents of Lavishea, plus an unscented bar.  You may recall that Lavishea is a lotion bar designed by a knitter (in her basement for 18 months) for knitters.  The new scents are Cucumber-Melon, White Lily Amber, and Citrus Basil.  This stuff works so well my husband took some of the unscented home.

There is a reason the shop is called The Yarn Gourmet instead of, for instance, The Yarn Fast Food Junkie.  I love food (as you can tell if you have walked behind me), and I love to cook.  Last night Bob and I tried a new restaurant near us, La Nortena (the "n" is pronounced like in jalapeno).  This place is located on Portage Road in the Council Oaks Center, next door to Belmont Liquor.  The requisite chips and salsa were placed on the table, but this is no ordinary salsa - they make it there, and it is excellent.  Not so heavy on cilantro that Bob wouldn't eat it, not so light on cilantro that it couldn't be tasted.  Nice heat, and enough salt.  I would go there again just for the salsa.

Bob ordered a steak fajita, I ordered camarones con chipotle (shrimp in chipotle and garlic sauce).  The flour tortillas were the hottest I have ever had; we had to let them cool a bit.  Bob pronounced his fajita to be quite good, but my shrimp was verging on divine.  How divine, you ask?  Had I not been in public I would have licked the plate.  Bob tasted my shrimp and said he will definitely order it the next time we go there.  There were several items on the menu I have not seen at other local Mexican restaurants, too, (which means a scientific study must be undertaken to assess these dishes). We have both always wanted to try fried ice cream, so we split an order.  I was underwhelmed - I think the fryer oil needs changing, there was a slightly rancid flavor to the fried tortilla and cornflakes.

Service was very friendly, but slow, mainly because one small woman was trying to handle everything while another one sat and played games on a computer.  I thought the portion sizes were perfect - not so much that we had to take boxes home, but enough that we definitely felt full.  Dinner for two and one dessert, with tip, cost about $38.  They serve breakfast and lunch, as well as dinner, offer take-out, and are open 7 days.  We  will definitely go there again.

Purls of wisdom:  Clothes make the man.  Naked people have little or no influence on society.

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