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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gorgeous George update

George came to the shop two weeks ago to be a shop cat.  At first everything was fine, but Friday and Saturday he made two very serious efforts to get out the door when customers were leaving.  He really misses his previous staff, and I think he thought he could get home to them if he got out.  I simply cannot take the risk of him getting out on Mishawaka Avenue, he would probably be hit by a car in the first few minutes.  So Saturday after work George came home with me to be a house cat instead of a shop cat.

So far the other cats have done a little hissing, but overall it has been a relatively peaceful transition.  I think George will eventually end up as alpha cat, but he isn't pushing the issue.  Mainly he just wants the other cats not to bother him while he checks out the new digs.  He does enjoy sleeping on the bed with us, and apparently all cats recognize the bed as neutral territory because everyone slept close together peacefully.

George will miss his adoring fans at the shop, especially those who brought chicken, turkey, cheese and tuna  for him.  He is a much safer cat now, and does not have to sleep alone in a cold, lonely shop.

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