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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Diary of a Mad Housecat, Part 3

Hi Everyone, it's me, Elwood.  Big news at our house - just over 2 weeks ago Dad found a kitten in the parking lot where he works.  He brought him home, woke Mama, and she sent him out for kitten formula.  He was too weak to stand on his own, and his eyes were barely open.  Mama said he was only about 2 weeks old.  The poor little thing was covered with tar, oil and parking lot grit, so the next morning Mama gave him a bath.  Turns out he really is a black cat.   They named him Igor, but frequently call him "The Kracken".

On the second morning Mama took Igor to the vet to get some nasty larva removed from under his tummy skin.  Igor had to have a shot in his tummy, and then the vet cut his tummy skin to get it out!  Mama said it was a disgusting thing the vet removed and the rest of us should be grateful we live indoors.  Igor had to get medicine twice a day for a week, and I don't think it tasted very good. That night Mama got Igor what she called a kitty corral so he wouldn't have to live in a cardboard box.  Now he has his own litter box (with paper towels in it) and his own cat bed!  Lorelei is the only one of us that has her own bed; the six of us have to share with Mama and Dad. They had to bottle feed him every meal for the first ten days.  Now he has canned kitten food, kitten chow, and still gets his kitten formula, but he gets it in a bowl (warmed up, no less).  I tried it, and I think he's getting a bad deal, but he seems to like it.

The other cats really weren't sure what Igor was, but I knew.  I was a kitten not too long ago myself.  At first everybody hissed and growled at him, even Jake.  Now Jake doesn't growl at him, and if he's out of his kitty corral when one of the girls growls, Igor just chases them.  It serves them right, picking on such a little kitten, but he isn't afraid of anything (except the coffee grinder).  I really like playing with him, and try to make sure he doesn't get near the stairs. Sometimes he runs right off the edge of the couch, so I know he'll hurt himself on the stairs.  Mama and Dad say I'm a very good big brother.  Here's a picture of me and Igor on his second day at our house. 

Igor has gotten much bigger and livelier in the last two weeks.  When Mama or Dad let him outside the kitten corral he likes to run.  Sometimes his hind feet get going faster than his front feet and he flops onto his face.  But he gets right back up.  He likes to chew on things, too, especially Mama, Dad, and my tail.  Yesterday we were wrassling in the kitchen and he bit me in a very personal place.  I had to put a firm paw on his head and hold him still for a few seconds till I could breathe again, but I know he didn't mean to hurt me.

Purls of wisdom: milk teeth are sharp.

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