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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Purls from the crypt

Greetings!  It is I, Arv the Missing!  I had surgery on my left shoulder 02 April, hence my silence.  I must say it went better than I had thought, as there turned out to be no need to cut tendons and re-attach them with screws, but it still is a bit painful.  My surgeon was good enough to give me a CD with before & after photos of the inside of my shoulder, but I'm not sure these are worthy of going on my Christmas cards.  I have a fearsome tendency to bruise, and I currently am black and blue and several other colors from my neck to my left elbow.  I look like an art class cleaned their paint brushes on me.

One thing about this kind of surgery - you get serious pain medications.  I am told that some people can function almost normally on these pharmaceuticals.  Not this little black duck, no siree.  Usually the pain meds just put me to sleep, but sometimes they provide entertainment, and not just for my husband (who finds me hysterically funny when under the influence).  Lately the nice folks of the pharmaceutical industry apparently slipped Roger Miller into one of my pills, because I keep hearing his songs in my head.  "Chug-a-Lug", "The Streak"...  Sometimes Roger takes a break and Ray Stevens fills in for him.  I have spent a lot of time listening to "Guitarzan" and other Stevens' hits.  And all in the privacy of my mind....better living through chemistry.

Nonetheless, I am healing physically, although I tend to wonder about the long-term psychological effects of Miller and Stevens as my personal background music.  (Thank heaven it's not Madonna.)  I am doing my exercises regularly, to the great enjoyment of my cats, who like to "assist".  I am going to try being back at the shop next week, limited range of motion and all.  I have tried knitting, but it still is uncomfortable after about 10 minutes.  I will persist, however.

Well, I hear Jerry Reed calling me..."When You're Hot, You're Hot....."  see you next week!

1 comment:

  1. Heal up and come back - we miss you! Do you need anything? Besides a new personal soundtrack? I could lend you the Velvet Underground. That's mine.