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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Music to knit by

As most of you know, I usually have music on at the shop.  It is usually classic rock, but occasionally I switch to the oldies station (if they aren't playing too much disco).  While enjoying a quiet moment at the shop a few days ago, I realized I was knitting to the beat of the music, specifically to Otis Reading's "Dock of the Bay".

It occurred to me that, much like a metronome, music with the right beat may just be of help to some knitters.  After much thought, these are the selections I came up with, and the type of knitting I think is a suitable match:

  • Casting on (beginner level): "Unchained Melody"
  • Casting on (advanced level): "Freebird" (go ahead - I dare you)
  • knitting (beginner level): Pink Floyd's "Marooned"
  • knitting (advanced level): Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir"
  • binding off (beginner level): Beatle's "Come Together"
  • binding off (advanced level): Beatle's "Get Back"
  • ripping out (beginner level): "Cry Me a River"
  • ripping out (advanced level): "Wipe Out"
Of course, there are many possible variations, depending on your taste in music.

New things at the shop - the Alice Starmore's "Aran Knitting", Cat Bordhi's "Personal Footptints", and a new collection of 5 Herbert Niebling lace patterns.  I'm not even going to try to type the German (I have enough trouble with English).

Coming in this week: Cascade  220 Sport, Cascade Tweeds, and additional 220 colors, such as hand-painted.

Reminder: This Saturday is the Helen Hamann trunk show, one day only.  Come in and try on the garments and pet the yarns - baby alpaca and a cotton/baby alpaca blend.   There will be lots of kits, too, and these kits come with everything but the knitting needles. On my way in to the shop I am going to stop and get a few gallons of cider, some doughnut holes, and cups, so we will have some nice, seasonal refreshments.  It's all entirely free..   

Coming later this fall: a Yarn Tasting of several different silk yarns.  I will provide about 30 yards of each yarn, and a pattern that can be used to combine all the yarn samples.  This way you get to try several different silk yarns at one time and compare them.

Also later this fall: a trunk show of Noni patterns!  Noni patterns are for felted articles, mostly bags and flowers.  You can use any yarn that will felt.  These patterns are amazing - I have ordered several, ranging from a delicate, flowered clutch to a project bag big enough to satisfy the most ambitious knitter, and lots in between.

Back to work with me.  Knit happy!

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  1. Just found out about your shop and reading the blog posts. Loved the list of tunes. I know that "Wipe Out" will definitely play in my head now whenever I am doing a major ripping out of a project. Thanks for the laugh.