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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Off their rockers

A new magazine by Interweave Press just arrived today - Knit Wear. I didn't even know this one was coming, but I'm glad it did.  The sub-title of the magazine is "simple handknits for the thoughtful knitter", and that is a very accurate description.  I will be writing it up in the newsletter Yarn Exchange, but believe me - it is worth looking at.

Last night I watched a couple episodes of Betty White's new show "Off Their Rockers".  The premise is simple - senior citizens playing pranks on younger people, a la the old "Candid Camera" show.  This show is hilarious!  Each episode begins with a brief scene of old ladies hanging a banner on a highway overpass.  One reads "got prune juice?"  My favorite (for obvious reasons) reads "will knit for sex".  Ya gotta love Betty White.

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