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Friday, July 9, 2010

follow the bouncing email

Slowly but surely, kicking and screaming, I come into the 21st century.  I found out today how to tell which newsletter emails bounced back.  Once I got the list I checked the addresses against my Excel database, and sure enough, out of 15 bouncers I had the address wrong (typo) on 10 of them.  OK, I can fix that.  So some of you may have received the newsletter only today, and for this I apologize.  If you STILL haven't received your email newsletter, I probably cannot figure out what is wrong with the email address in my system.

How did I fix this problem, you may ask?  I went through over 300 Customer Information slips one at a time to find the names that matched the emails and check them.

Some of you who have only recently signed up to receive the newsletter will be getting July's newsletter soon, lest ye be left out.

2 hours later: OMG!!! I was just trying to find out if my printer would do enlargements.  I scrolled through the options and lo and behold!  it has a built in set of forms including GRAPH PAPER!  It will simply spit out graph paper on demand!  It's a Kodak ESP7250, FYI.

I'm off to chart some sweater modifications on my shiny new graph paper.  Knit Happy!       

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