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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I knew this would happen someday....

...I am going to a doctor who is younger than me.  He's a nice enough kid - he gave me a great feeling of confidence in him.  But he is SO young.  Or is it that I am SO old?  I don't feel old.  Not really.  Except when I get up in the morning, or out of a chair after more than 20 minutes.  Or when I try to do as much yard work in a day as I could do 10 years ago.  Or when I look at some of the knitting patterns for clingy, sexy little tops that I would have worn in a heartbeat 15 years ago.

But there is something to be said for being my age - 55, for those of you who aren't keeping track.  My 50th birthday was the best birthday of my life - a half century!  I saw it as a landmark of accomplishment - after all, who knew I would last this long?  Being 50 was rather liberating, actually.  I decided that having accomplished a half century on the planet I could comfortably take the position that I am no longer going to take any guff from anyone.   I think I have achieved that goal.  I blithely throw out every AARP mailing I receive.  I insist on good manners from sales people and cashiers.  I flatly tell telemarketers and other obnoxious life forms exactly where Ursus americanus has most recently defecated in the forest. 

And I continue to age.  Now that I am 55, I am officially old enough to be considered eccentric, instead of just crazyAlas, I am not yet old enough to qualify for senior discounts, at least none I have so far discovered.  My husband, being 9 months younger than me, proudly claims to be a trophy husband.  I am not convinced a 9 month gap qualifies me as a cougar, but I go along with it.

Being older than my physician was an inevitability.  Actually learning to appreciate aging was not, but I am glad I have.  I am a better knitter today than I was 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago.  I am a better cook, gardener, business person, and human being than I was in younger years.  I have learned what is truly important in life, and don't get too bothered by that which is not.  I do not feel I have anything to prove to anyone.  I am truly comfortable in my own skin.

The point here is this: if you are worried about turning 30, 35, 40, etc. - don't.  Getting older is great. And besides - think of the alternative.  If you are bemoaning not being younger than you are - don't.  Ben Franklin once said that it is a pity youth is wasted on the young.  While I wouldn't mind having the body or energy I had 15 years ago, I do not wish to return to those days.  I prefer to look forward, because yesterday is irretrievably gone.  I like the feisty, opinionated, creative, crazy eccentric person I have become.    

So enjoy life and aging.  Never miss a chance to tell someone you love that you do.  Look forward to tomorrow, but live like it will never come.  And knit happy. 


  1. Yes! Yes! I am 58. I felt these same things come on 10 years ago. Though, I have always worked with the public and have always demanded respect and courtesy from sales people. !!

    Nice post.
    I worry. My doctor is my age. Been going to him since he came on the scene. What will I do when we retire at the same time?

  2. Get a younger doc! Someone who works out, has good hair, about 6'2"....

  3. Amen!

    I rejoice in the fact that although I didn't meet you until you turned 50, I feel as if I have known you a lifetime! Here's to growing older gracefully (or ungracefully, if you so choose). Life is so much better now than it was years ago.