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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Free at last!

I have my cast off and my stitches out (insert roaring crowd here)! My wrist is sore, and I am not supposed to lift more than 3 pounds with it (a half gallon of milk, per my doctor) for a month, but at least the damnable cast is OFF!  I can take a proper shower again! 

I am pleased to inform you that Maggie Jackson is sending some models of her knitted designs to the shop, should be here Wednesday.  You'll get to touch and try on these gorgeous items, and see some yarn samples as well.  So come in and see what you'll learn to do in the workshops!  There will also be books to look through.

Vicki Mikulak of Simple Knits brought in a pattern and a model of a scarf made with the Tonalita Fusion.  The Fusion version of Tonalita has more gradual color changes, so you get a sort of dip-dyed effect, instead of actual stripes, and it is lovely.  The pattern is free with the purchase of any Tonalita yarn.

That's all for today - wrist still doesn't like typing. Purls of wisdom: never believe anything that you hear, only half of what you see, and only two things you read - "men's room" and "wet paint".

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