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Thursday, August 26, 2010


I need models for tomorrow night's Maggiknits fashion show.  Maggie tells me the models need to be between size 6 and size 12, and over 5'5".   Any volunteers?  I need 5 models - any age - and may have 1 lined up.

Yesterday I was perusing the weekly ad on-line for Meijer, looking to see if there were any lamb chops on sale.  Alas, there were none, but Meijer does have two items described as "chipped meats".  Could that possibly be any more ambiguous?  Lots of things can be described as "meat".  Shades of Soylent Green....I'm sorry, but I would like my food description to be a bit more specific.  Could we at least specify the phylum from which this "meat" is derived?  In truth I would like to know the genus, but one must start somewhere.

I need lamb chops for the dinner I am going to cook for Maggie Jackson Saturday night.  I will make the chops with a bordelaise sauce, and serve them with truffled mashed potatoes, green salad, and for dessert a chocolate almond praline creme brulee.  There is a reason I didn't call the shop "The Yarn Picky Eater".

This morning as I turned onto 30th Street the railroad crossing signal was flashing, and the barriers were down.   Did that stop one particular member of Mensa from driving around the barriers?  No it did not.  For a minute I thought I was going to get to see Darwinism in action, but the train missed him by about 25 feet.  Too close for my personal comfort, I can tell you that.  Note to the idiot who drove around the barriers:  never argue with a train - the train ALWAYS wins.

Purls of wisdom: if something sounds too good to be true, shoot it just in case.

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