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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lefty here...

Some of you may be aware that on Monday I had minor surgery on my right wrist.  I now have a hard cast on my right wrist, from knuckles to mid-point of my forearm, and it is making life interesting, to say the least.  It will come off this Tuesday - thankfully - but until then I will have some issues with typing and a few other things.  Like washing my left arm, hooking my bra, and writing legibly.  BTW, Glad Press 'n' Seal is great for water-proofing a cast when you shower.

Yesterday I got a new yarn in: "Rodeo" by Schulana.  "Rodeo" is a bulky weight mohair and wool blend, with flags of contrasting colored mohair along the yarn.  It knits up beautifully, creating a lot of visual interest.

Remember to sign up early for any classes you want to take this fall.  You receive a 10% discount on purchases at the time you sign up, and then again each day of your class. And come in and sign up for Maggie Jackson if you intend to come to the workshops.  There will be NO last minute sign-ups unless I get the minimum number of attendees by 20 August.  Maggie is worth every penny of the fees - you will learn more than you thought possible and laugh till your sides hurt, too.

Enough typing one-handed for one day.  Purls of Wisdom: Taking oneself too seriously takes all the fun out of work - or art.  And knitting is art, whether you are Maggie Jackson or a grandma making mittens.  Knit happy!

The newsletter-from-hell went out on time.  It was very, very lengthy due to the class schedule.  Future newsletters won't resemble War and Peace in size.

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