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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

bamboo isn't just for pandas anymore

I discovered something about that sexy but oh so slippery Bonsai yarn - it works best when NOT wound into a center pull ball.  If wound by hand into your basic ball of yarn and placed in a zippered sandwich bag with just a half inch open for yarn feed (or a similar containment field), it is much more compliant.  So - those of you who have Bonsai or Seduce, even if it is wound into center-pull balls, I recommend winding it as above.  It will be much easier to work with.

The Ultra Alpaca didn't arrive yesterday, but I have high hopes for today, as the UPS tracking system tells me it is "out for delivery".  I did, however, get more of the Berroco Weekend yesterday - some very nice colors.  And I placed the Cascade order, which has already shipped, but is taking the polar route and is scheduled to be here 01 June - all 62 pounds of it.  I seem to have ordered one entire sheep.....

Yesterday I also ordered a bunch of needle felting supplies, as I had so many inquiries about this on Saturday.  I ordered books on felting, too, both knitted and needle.

I also met someone who I have asked to teach a class in Tunisian crochet this fall.  I had heard of it, but never seen it, so Joanne (the instructor) gave me a demonstration.  The really cool thing about this technique is some of the stitches look exactly like stockinette stitch.  I ordered a bunch of the crochet hooks specifically required for this technique, too.

And Birgit stopped in to see the shop!  Those of you who know Birgit know this woman has been knitting probably since before she could walk - she is amazing.  She will be teaching some classes this fall also, the specific ones have not yet been determined.

I am still waiting for Mountain Colors to check my references so I can order from them.

After the shop closes on Friday 11 June I will be leaving for Columbus OH to attend the TNNA trade show.  Dee will be manning the helm on Saturday 12 June.  I hope to come back with lots of great new stuff, including yarn and gadgets.

Someone asked me yesterday about the mailing list I will be developing from the customer information slips I ask people to fill out.  Fear not - I will not be inundating you with emails, for two reasons - I hate being inundated with emails myself, and I simply don't have the time to write that many emails.  My goal is to send out one email per month informing customers of sales, upcoming classes, and new arrivals.

Speaking of sales, starting 01 June I will be having the Yarn of the Month.  YOTM will be on sale at 10% off.  The YOTM for June will be Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

BTW, I have not yet had time to put the shop on Ravelry, but I will eventually.  :-)

So - knit happy!

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