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Saturday, May 8, 2010

By request...

I have now received three or four requests for Cascade yarns, so I am looking into getting them.  Unless Cascade has a ridiculous minimum order (like Plymouth Yarns wanting a $3,000 minimum purchase) I will carry Cascade, although it might not happen before the opening date.  I must say the Cascade patterns alone make it worth getting the yarn.

My Berroco rep, Joan Looi, sent me an email about the knit kit (  This is the Swiss Army knife of knitters - it has a built in tape measure, row / stitch counter, crochet hook, and a yarn cutter, and has a compartment that has stitch markers, tip protectors, scissors, and a tapestry needle.  This is a great gadget!  To assemble all these tools separately would cost more than the retail of the kit - $19.95 to $21.95, depending on the color.  It should be here for the opening date of 19 May.

The Yarn Gourmet is now on Facebook.  I am not much of a techie, and spent several minutes of the set-up process using language that would felt nylon yarn.  But I think I've finally got it, by George.  I did get a photo album up and running, of completed projects from the past.  If my Alzheimer's is in remission this week I will take my camera to the shop and get some pictures onto Facebook.  I should have taken "before and after" shots of the shop - the progress is amazing, when I step back and look at it.

I will not be on Twitter, as I don't have much use for a cell phone anymore (I'm always at the shop), and it is just one more expense I don't really need.  I am told I can link my Facebook page to Twitter, but the sign up process for Twitter defeated me.  Felted nylon, anyone?


  1. I had wondered about Cascade. I haven't purchased any recently since it hasn't been available in South Bend. But it's a good yarn for felting, but I do like superwash in most cases. I look forward to hearing if you'll carry this, and to see the opening.

  2. Oh, I really do hope they don't have a crazy minimum order - I would also love to have Cascade 220 available here in SB. And as I commented before, the Eco Wool is also fabulous - makes nice, lofty sweaters that are perfect for our cold winters.

    Thanks for being so responsive. :) I really do think that Cascade will fill a gap here as far as brands that can't be found locally.