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Thursday, May 6, 2010

To label or not to label your knitting?

Good morning.  I usually label all my knitted garments.  Usually.  Sometimes I am so far behind on finishing something that as soon as it is blocked and assembled I give it to the recipient, sans label.  And I must also say that the labels I currently have, custom ordered, reading "A Katmandu Kreation, Handmade by Arvilla" are beautiful but very scratchy.  I try to put them low enough on the neck that they are unlikely to make contact with bare skin.  Naturally, this is not always possible, depending on the garment in question.

But then I saw a blurb about sig'knits.  These are small pewter emblems - a huge selection - that you knit into your garment as your signature.  Check them out at  If there is enough interest in these I will carry them.  Please give me your opinions.

I have also ordered traditional sew-in labels, but not customized.  I am having difficulty finding a customized label manufacturer.  The place I got my current personal labels from was advertising in the back of a knitting magazine, but I haven't seen an ad like that in years.  Does anyone know of anyplace that still makes custom labels?

Off to the showers with me, then on to topping off the pond, making my darling husband's lunch, and going to the shop.  Remember - you are what you knit with.  :-)

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