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Thursday, June 17, 2010

First post-trade show arrival!

Yippee!  The Aurora Yarns Whisper we chose at the trade show has arrived!  This stuff is gorgeous - the colors don't quite come across in the photos, unfortunately.  Whisper is a hand-painted lace-weight yarn, 1362 yards per skein.  No two skeins will ever be alike, as the artist paints what she sees at the time the yarn is in front of her.  Could be a sunrise, could be a pine tree, could be a squirrel.  It will always be unique and beautiful.

I also received an email from UPS that my Malabrigo Rasta will be here tomorrow!  I cannot wait to see this stuff - the samples at the trade show were spectacular.

The class list is firming up - I now have someone to teach the kids' knitting class, ages 6 to 12, limit 3 students at a time.  I will publish the first newsletter on 30 June.  That issue will have a list of classes that will be available, without schedules.  The issue going out on 31 July will have the class descriptions and schedules.  I am going to teach 3 of the classes - Intro to Cables, Funky Felted Bags, and Magic Loop.

I also saw at the trade show a small shawl knit out of Zauberball Lace, in a blue and white striping colorway, and one larger shawl from the black and white colorway.  This stuff stripes up so beautifully - it's a pity there is no way to determine what it will look like from just looking at the ball, but believe me when I say it is worth knitting.

Next Monday I am going to K'zoo to MaggieKnits!  I had no idea she was so close, or I would have gone long before this.  I stopped by her booth at the trade show after seeing the most incredible long sweater on one of the participants.  I stopped the woman and she told me it was a MaggieKnits pattern.  I sincerely hope I find time to knit this sweater for myself, it is too special not to make.  I also heard a rumor that Maggie will do whole day workshops.  If she and I can work out the scheduling, I will ask her to do a workshop on a Saturday or Sunday.  I spoke with someone who has taken one of Maggie's workshops, and she said that your really, really get your money's worth.  Stay tuned!

Well, I have to put in a Crystal Palace order that I have been working on for three days.  Knit happy!

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