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Thursday, June 10, 2010

New stuff!

Good morning all!  Today is such a beautiful day - if I have to be indoors, at least I'm in a yarn shop.

Attention needle felters!  I just received some tools that came recommended by June M. who will be teaching needle felting this fall - see the photos to the right.

Attention crocheters!  I also got a nice new book Contemporary Crochet (the photo of which won't upload properly) - very pretty stuff, very elegant.  And the Winter 2009 issue of Crochet Magazine.  This particular issue is full of Tunisian crochet.  We will be offering two classes in Tunisian crochet this fall, so pick up an issue and see what kinds of very cool stuff can be made with this unusual technique.

Speaking of the fall classes, things are coming along.  I am still looking for someone to teach kids' knitting - any volunteers? 

I finished that one-skein ARTyarns wrap that kept trying to sneak off the needles.  It came out very nice, if I do say so myself, despite all its efforts to escape.  I actually did most of the knitting Monday - my day off - of which I spent almost 6 hours of playing "hurry up and wait" at the doctor's office and the pharmacy.  Thank heaven I had knitting with me - I hate waiting, especially if I have nothing to do and nothing to read but 8 year old issues of Field & Stream.  I did the last 5 rows and the bind off sitting in my car in the parking lot of Meijer while I waited - and waited - for the pharmacy to get my prescription filled.  Further proof you can knit anywhere, at any time, and that it is truly good therapy, 'cause let me tell you, by the time I had been waiting around for the first 2 hours I was well beyond ticked off.  Yet there were no fatalities reported.

Next project - a funky felted tote bag as an example for the felting class I will be teaching this fall.  I'm using the variegated turquoise lamb's Pride Worsted and the lime green Fling novelty yarn for the trim. I love the colors - did I ever mention I am a color junkie?

Back to entering the customer database.  Till next time, knit happy!

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