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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Great new group on Ravelry - support our troops!

I haven't learned how to fully utilize Ravelry yet, but I did find a great new group called Glove-along for the Troops.  Their mission is to knit fingerless gloves for U.S. Marines serving in Afghanistan.  The group leader is calling for Cascade 220, and I have heaps of it in stock, at least 5 in superwash that would be suitable and 5 in regular 220.  The group does not specify superwash, but I think it is probably advisable. Note that Cascade 220 superwash is made without the chemicals some other superwash yarns are made with that may make them flammable.  So please - help our troops have warm hands and knit fingerless gloves for them.  Go to Ravelry for the details.  Semper fi.

I also have K4OT - Knit for Our Troops - in the shop.  Patterns are free and available on-line or in the shop.  Basically, knit a hat or helmet liner out of a worsted weight superwash 100% wool, bring it to the shop and I will send it to the USO.  Socks are also gratefully accepted, especially rather thick socks that will provide cushioning as well as warmth.  In order to be used while on duty articles must be wool, as wool is flame resistant and will not melt to the skin.  It must be superwash as handwashing will be problematic for our troops.  Brown Sheep tells me that their superwash is chemically treated, and may be somewhat flammable, so I am recommending 220 superwash.

You are also invited to knit articles that will not be worn on duty.  These may be made of any yarn, but practically speaking something soft and comfy is best.  Our women in the military would probably appreciate something really comfy and pretty for off duty wear, like a nice scarf or sweater, or some vibrant socks!  Guys get tired of wearing the same old same old, too, so interesting socks, hats (especially in some team colors), and sweaters would be fine for them as well.  Some non-wool articles for those with allergies are a good idea.  Please include the ball bands with all donated articles so the appropriate use may be easily determined.

Note that anyone donating knitted articles to our troops will receive a 10% discount off their next purchase at The Yarn Gourmet when proof of the donation is provided.   We are free to enjoy our lives and knit because of their sacrifice.

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