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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Maggi Knits!

Good morning all!  Monday I went to K'zoo to see Mary at Maggi Knits.  She still had all the models from the trade show out, so I got to look at them more closely than before.  The thing I love about Maggi Knits is her garments don't necessarily look like much "on the rack", but on a person they are amazing.  I spent about 2 hours there, looking at yarn types and pattern books.

Maggi's genius is not limited to her designs - she has had the tremendous foresight to color-coordinate her yarns, so everything is rather easy for knitters who find putting colors together challenging.  As Mary pointed out, Maggi is not a knitter who designs patterns, she is a fashion designer who knits.  Everything  is simple, as Maggi does not care for complicated knitting.  I had little previous knowledge of Maggi Knits, and was most impressed with how simple her very elaborate looking garments really are.

Maggi will be back in the country this Thursday, and Mary will have her contact me about doing a workshop at The Yarn Gourmet.  I am very, very pleased about this, as last week a customer who has taken one of Maggi's workshops told me that she paid $85 and got $170 worth of information.  The workshops include a fashion show on Friday night.  I am also told that Maggi's entertainment value alone is worth the price of admission.  As soon as I have a workshop scheduled I will let you all know.

Another advantage of having Maggi Knits so close is I will be able to get the yarns you want with minimum delay.  If necessary I could drive to K'zoo to pick them up - it's only about 90 minutes (if I do the speed limit).

Yesterday the K1C2 Wrapunzel came in.  This yarn is so pretty, and so affordable - only $7 per ball.  Best of all, you can make something really unique out of it and it is machine washable.  How many really unique yarns can say that?

I am also pleased to t ell you that yesterday I obtained a coffee-maker for the shop!  It is one of the small ones that uses the Senseo pods, and I got a nice selection of coffees so everyone can have what they want.  A 50 cent donation per cup will keep the coffee flowing.

Well, off to unlock the doors and begin the day.  It presently looks very stormy outside, although nothing exciting weather-wise has happened yet.  Hopefully I will have phone, internet and credit card machine all day.  Remember - only 184 knitting days left till Christmas!  Knit happy!

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