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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June's yarn of the Month is....

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, 10% off!  I read an interesting article in a rep's newsletter today, showing photos of two washcloths knitted with Cotton Fleece.  One had been machine washed and dried, and the shrinkage was very minimal.  This makes me believe that although Cotton Fleece's label reads "hand wash" that it may be machine washable with appropriate care and if dried flat.

I did not knit a stitch this weekend (Sunday and Monday) - but I did get some yard work done Sunday.  Bob mowed the lawn, which had been completely white with cottonwood fluff.  After mowing it became a greenish white.  I know the rain yesterday may have ruined some picnics, but at least it washed the stinking cottonwood fluff off everything!  Speaking of Memorial Day, I am proud to offer a 5% discount on everything purchased by military veterans, active duty personnel, and active duty military dependents, with proper identification.  Their service gives us our freedom.

I have a sort of vague idea forming about Thursday nights at the shop.  I'm thinking of starting a Happy Hour, where light refreshments will be served.  I just have to figure out how this will work with Thursday evening classes.  Stay tuned.  Bob wants me to convert some of the space behind the white doors to a "man cave" so husbands will have someplace to relax while their wives shop.  We even have an extra TV we could use for this.  I will cogitate on it....

Well, off to the showers with me.  It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day, and is supposed to be much cooler than last week.  Knit on!

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