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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Let's twist again...or not

I love knitting in the round.  Depending on what you are knitting and the stitch you are using, a Zen-like state can be achieved that allows you to be productive without being focused.  Kind of like the sixties....

However - starting the first round is not always easy, especially if you are using double-points.  There is a wicked propensity for twisting of the stitches, which one often does not catch until at least one row has been knit and the Mobius effect becomes apparent.   Then there is that lovely little "jog" in the edge where you joined the round. There are ways to avoid both these problems. 

If you are using double points, cast onto two needles only, distributing the stitches evenly on the needles.  Holding the needles parallel to each other allows you to see if the stitches are twisted.  When you join the stitches you knit off half the stitches from one needle onto a third needle, the second half onto a fourth needle (the first needle is now "free"), and half the stitches on the second cast-on needle onto your fifth needle.  You now have your stitches on four needles, no twisting.

If you are using the Magic Loop technique (socks, etc.) to knit in the round, you probably aren't having any issues with Dr. Mobius, but if you are the same technique applied above will help.

For articles such as sweaters, I like to imitate the Magic Loop method by using a much longer needle than called for and pulling the cable from between the middle of the stitches.  This allows you to divide the stitches and see if the stitches on each half of the needle are twisted.  Knit off the longer needle with the needle called for, and you are good to go.

Now about that pesky "jog" in the edge.  When you cast on add one extra stitch.  When you join knit the two stitches from each end together - this eliminates both the extra stitch and the jog in the edge.

BTW, the Cascade shipment arrived!  Thirty-three colors of 220, 11 of 220 Superwash, 3 of Eco-Duo.  The Eco-Duo is 70% baby alpaca, 30% merino, and so soft and pretty that I sold half of one color yesterday before I even had it unpacked.  I believe I will be getting more of the Eco-Duo shortly.

This fall there is a nifty-looking new book coming from XRX on Entrelac.  I am going to pre-order it, so if anyone particularly wants a copy let me know now.

Almost opening time - off to work with me.  Knit happy!

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