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Thursday, April 15, 2010

first delivery!

Day before yesterday I got home from running slightly fewer errands than dollars in the national debt, and there was a notice on the door from FedEx that a delivery needed signature. So I signed the slip, put it back on the door, and went about my business.

Yesterday as I was vacuuming the house I noticed the FedEx truck pulling out of my driveway. I opened the front door and in front of my garage door were four HUGE boxes of Brown Sheep yarn! I didn't think the order would get here so soon.

So I loaded them into the back of my SUV, since I take possession of the shop today anyhow. The curiosity got me, and I opened one box to look at the yarn. The skeins are packed in the boxes so firmly that I don't dare take them out, as I am certain I will not be able to get them all back into the box. All of the yarn will go to the shop with me today, along with a little seating, and a few other things I will need to have on hand as I get the place ready to open.

This morning I also took a giant leap of faith and turned down a job paying $130k so I could continue with the shop. Now I HAVE to succeed.

Till later. Please knit responsibly - friends don't let friends knit with junk yarn.

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