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Friday, April 30, 2010

fun, fun, fun

Greetings earthlings. What a charming day this has been. I came in with the idea that I would set up a spreadsheet for yarn inventory, as I can't yet afford inventory control software. I got some small progress made, then Santa came (also known as Keith, the UPS guy).

Twelve boxes! Count'em - twelve! I got my Interweave Press books and magazines, my miscellaneous publisher books (from Notions Marketing), and my Crystal Palace order. I got hundreds of bamboo needles: circulars, straights, dpns, and crochet hooks, in every size and length made. I got stitch holders in a variety of sizes, stitch markers, point protectors, sheep tape measures (I love'em!), two kinds of yarn swift - one is only $36 and made of wood! I got patterns - lots of great patterns. I got lace blockiing wires (Elizabeth - are you reading this?). I got ball winders. And most of the distributors were kind enough to throw in some freebies to use as door prizes when I have the grand opening (which will be early June, as compared to the "soft" opening I am doing in a few weeks).

What didn't I get? The hooks for the slatwall to hang this stuff up, nor a price gun and labels. Of course, I hadn't ordered the price gun & labels, as they cost so much, so I wasn't really surprised they weren't in any of the shipments. I thought I had ordered the hooks, but apparently I spent so much time trying to decide which company to get them from, I only THOUGHT I had ordered them. Fortunately I have lots of drawer space, so most of the hanging stuff is hanging out in drawers till I order hanging hooks.

The price labels, on the other hand, are an issue. I had a bunch of odd labels someone had given me so I started out by cutting these into price-sized labels on the paper cutter, and writing the prices in by hand. After a few hours of doing that I realized I was in jeopardy of having my sanity certificate revoked. Then I remembered I have a LOT of file folder labels. I figured out I could put four prices in each label comfortably, print them out on the inkjet, and then slice them up with the paper cutter. Good old American ingenuity.

It worked. It saved my sanity certificate. I labeled the bamboo stuff, I labeled most of the patterns, I labeled the Mini-Mochi sock yarn and the Panda Silk. I only have over a thousand labels left to put on, just for the stuff that has arrived so far. I'm not even going to label the books, as they come with the price printed on the back. I am SO glad I didn't wait till the last minute to start this. I am so glad I came up with a way to print these instead of writing them out by hand. I am so glad there is beer in the fridge.

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